Cng three-wheelers

Exploring Cng three-wheelers? Well, your search ends here. We have listed all the Cng three-wheelers which are available in India.

Most popular Cng 3 Wheeler is JSA NV. It is available in India with a and 9.4 horsepower.

You can browse all the Cng three-wheelers options from here and research more about features and technical specifications, mileage, latest prices, genuine user reviews, colours, service & maintenance cost, exclusive images & videos. You may even compare multiple 3 Wheeler models for better understanding of alternatives.

Finally, when you decide which Cng 3 Wheeler suits you most, you may choose to contact your nearest 3 Wheeler dealers to get best offers.

Other popular Cng three-wheelers models are:

Popular Cng three-wheelers

3 Wheeler Model Price Specification
JSA NV N/A 5977 cc, Diesel,CNG
Bajaj Maxima Z Rs. 196000 4705 cc, 8 hp, Diesel,CNG
ATUL Rik Rs. 190000 1986 cc, 9.59 hp, Petrol,CNG
Piaggio Ape City Plus Rs. 206000 230 cc, 9.39 hp, Diesel,CNG
Mahindra Alfa Load Rs. 190000 395 cc, 9 hp, Diesel,CNG

About CNG Three-Wheelers in India

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) three-wheelers have gained significant popularity in India as a sustainable and cost-effective means of transportation. These three-wheelers, also known as auto-rickshaws have become a common sight on the bustling streets of Indian cities. The shift towards CNG three-wheelers has been driven by numerous factors. First and foremost, CNG is a cleaner fuel compared to traditional diesel or petrol, resulting in reduced emissions and improved air quality. This is particularly important in densely populated cities, where pollution levels have reached alarming levels. Moreover, CNG is more cost-effective than other fuels, making it an attractive option for both drivers and passengers.

CNG Three-Wheelers Price in India 2024

If you are exploring three-wheelers on 91trucks, you will get a valuable and appropriate price. Rickshaw in India have a wide range of prices, which starts from Rs. 1.50 Lakhs and go up to Rs. 3.50 lakhs*.

Popular CNG Three-Wheelers In India

  • Mahindra Alfa Load: It gets a 436cc single-cylinder diesel engine, which is paired with a 4-speed manual gearbox and produces 7.4 bhp of power and 18 Nm of torque.
  • Bajaj Maxima Z: The Bajaj Maxima Z is available in a choice of three versions – a 236.2cc petrol-CNG engine, a 236.2 cc petrol-LPG engine and a 470.5cc diesel engine, all of which come with a four-passenger cabin as standard.


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