Top 5 Trucks in India Under 10 Lakh

Update On: Fri Jul 05 2024 by Gaurav Sharma
Top 5 Trucks in India Under 10 Lakh

Finding a reliable and affordable truck under 10 lakh can be a challenge in India's vast commercial vehicle market. But worry not, because this list explores some of the most popular options that deliver a strong balance between value and functionality. These trucks cater to diverse needs, from small businesses to established enterprises, and are suitable for intra-city transportation, short trips, and even occasional highway runs.

Maruti Suzuki Super Carry

Maruti Suzuki Super Carry

-Starting Price: ₹ 5.16 Lakh*

-Engine: 1.2L BS-VI compliant engine

-Payload Capacity: 1.1 Ton

-Mileage: Up to 20.1 km/l (claimed)

The Maruti Suzuki Super Carry is a familiar name in the mini truck segment. Renowned for its fuel efficiency and compact design, the Super Carry is ideal for navigating busy streets and narrow alleys. Its payload capacity of 1.1 tons makes it suitable for transporting a wide range of goods, from fruits and vegetables to building supplies. Moreover, the Super Carry is known for its low maintenance costs, making it a budget-friendly choice for small businesses.

Tata Ace Gold

Tata Ace Gold

-Starting Price: ₹ 4.21 Lakh*

-Engine: 1.2L BS-VI compliant engine (diesel or CNG)

-Payload Capacity: 750 kg

-Mileage: Up to 25.1 km/l (claimed) for CNG variant

The Tata Ace Gold is another popular option in the mini truck segment. Offered in both diesel and CNG variants, the Ace Gold provides a balance between affordability and performance. Its spacious cargo deck and comfortable cabin make it suitable for intra-city deliveries and short trips. The CNG variant is particularly attractive for those seeking an eco-friendly and economical option, with a claimed mileage of up to 25.1 km/l.

Mahindra Bolero Maxi Truck Plus

-Starting Price: ₹ 7.49 Lakh*

-Engine: 2.5L BS-VI compliant diesel engine

-Payload Capacity: 2.3 Ton

-Mileage: Up to 17.3 km/l (claimed)

The Mahindra Bolero Maxi Truck Plus steps up the game in terms of payload capacity. With a robust engine and a maximum payload capacity of 2.3 tons, this truck is suitable for heavier loads and longer trips. While its price tag is slightly higher than the mini trucks mentioned earlier, the Bolero Maxi Truck Plus offers enhanced performance and durability. It's a solid choice for businesses that require a reliable workhorse for their transportation needs.

Ashok Leyland Dost Plus

Ashok Leyland Dost+

-Starting Price: ₹ 7.75 Lakh*

-Engine: 1.5L BS-VI compliant diesel engine

-Payload Capacity: 1.25 Ton

-Mileage: Up to 17.6 kmpl (claimed)

The Ashok Leyland Dost+ is a versatile mini truck known for its fuel efficiency and comfortable cabin. It offers a payload capacity of 1.25 tons, making it suitable for various cargo requirements. The Dost+ is equipped with a modern cabin design that prioritizes driver comfort, ensuring long journeys are less taxing. Additionally, its claimed mileage of up to 17.6 kmpl makes it an economical choice for running costs.

Tata Intra V30

Tata Intra V30

-Starting Price: ₹ 6.9 Lakh*

-Engine: 1.2L BS-VI compliant diesel engine

-Payload Capacity: 1.5 Ton

-Mileage: Up to 20 kmpl (claimed)

The Tata Intra V30 is a relatively new entrant in the mini truck segment but has quickly gained popularity. This mini truck offers a payload capacity of 1.5 tons and is known for its maneuverability and fuel efficiency, making it suitable for navigating tight spaces and urban environments. The Intra V30 comes with a comfortable cabin and a modern design, providing a pleasant driving experience.


These five trucks offer a compelling selection for those seeking a reliable and affordable commercial vehicle under 10 lakh in India. Each truck caters to specific needs, so carefully consider your budget, payload requirements, and intended usage before making a decision. It's also wise to compare specifications, features, and test drive different models to find the truck that best suits your business needs.

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