The 132-seater electric bus project for Nagpur will help reduce pollution

Update On: Thu Jul 04 2024 by Gaurav Sharma
The 132-seater electric bus project for Nagpur will help reduce pollution

The new pilot project for tram-like electric buses is being tested in Nagpur and will soon be available for large-scale production. These buses will be made in collaboration with Skoda and Tata. These buses will have ticket rates 30% less than the conventional Diesel Buses and will charge wirelessly within a minute.

Addressing the issue of pollution Mr Nitin Gadkari talked about the need for an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and regional transport system. Indian Oil will install 300 ethanol pumps across India which will help reduce the transportation cost. Ethanol is an alternative to petrol and is much cheaper and will help reduce pollution as well.

The new revolutionary bus will seat 132 people and will stop after 40 Km from getting charged which will enable it to travel for another 40 KM. The bus will have many features like air conditioning along with comfortable chairs which will have the facility to keep a laptop. There will be a bus hostess who will provide people with fruits, food, and beverages.

Eco friendly transportation

Alternate mode of transportation to reduce pollution

India Oil has started a project that will involve producing 1 lakh liters of Ethanol from stubble and bio bitumen. There have been various other initiatives taken by the government where waste is being utilized in power generation. This has helped reduce the pile of waste in the Ghazipur landfill. Sewage water is also being purified for use in power generation along with organic waste to produce bio CNG and bio LNG.

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Drones and Ropeways are also seen as an alternative that can be used in funicular railways which will help reduce pollution in hilly areas like Uttrakhand, Himachal, and Ladakh.

According to the latest report, more than 33,000 deaths have taken place due to air pollution between 2008 to 2019. India's biggest cities are facing the problem of air pollution due to which a lot of lives are affected.


The problem of pollution is on the rise and it is becoming a major threat. The 132-seater electric bus and other projects by the government are a positive sign towards a better future.

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