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Exploring Cng Buses? Well, your search ends here. We have listed all the Cng Buses which are available in India.

Most popular Cng Bus is Tata Starbus City. It is available in India with a and 83 horsepower. It is priced at Rs. 15.00 Lakh.

You can browse all the Cng Buses options from here and research more about features and technical specifications, mileage, latest prices, genuine user reviews, colours, service & maintenance cost, exclusive images & videos. You may even compare multiple Bus models for better understanding of alternatives.

Finally, when you decide which Cng Bus suits you most, you may choose to contact your nearest Bus dealers to get best offers.

Other popular Cng Buses models are:

Popular Cng Buses

Bus Model Price Specification
Tata Starbus City Rs. 1500000 3800 cc, Diesel,CNG
Tata LP 909 Starbus Rs. 1856321 3784 cc, CNG
Tata Starbus School Chassis Rs. 1470730 3783 cc, Diesel,CNG
Tata LP 407 Starbus Skool CNG Rs. 1691064 3800 cc, CNG
Tata LP 913 Starbus Skool CNG AC Rs. 2012901 5700 cc, CNG

About CNG Buses

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) buses have become a game-changer in India's public transportation system. As the country seeks to reduce its carbon footprint and combat air pollution, CNG buses have emerged as a sustainable and eco-friendly solution. These buses run on natural gas, which burns cleaner than traditional fuels like diesel, emitting significantly fewer greenhouse gases and pollutants. Not only do CNG buses contribute to cleaner air and improved public health, but they also offer economic benefits. Natural gas is cheaper than diesel, resulting in lower fuel costs for bus operators.

CNG Bus Price in India 2024

If you are exploring CNG Bus on 91trucks, you will get a valuable and appropriate price. CNG bus in India have a wide range of prices, which starts from Rs. 14.50 Lakhs and go up to Rs. 30.10 Lakhs*.

Popular CNG Bus In India

  • Tata Starbus City: The Tata Starbus rolls out of the factory floor with a 2956 cc, 4-cylinder, Tata 4SP CR engine that generates 99hp of power and 300 Nm of torque, mated to a 5-speed transmission.
  • Tata LP 909 Starbus: The Tata LP 909 Starbus has 85 Horse Power and the Fuel Tank Capacity is 480 litre.
  • Tata LP 407 Starbus Skool CNG: The Tata LP 407 Starbus Skool CNG has 85 Horse Power and the Fuel Tank Capacity is 60 litre.
  • Tata LP 913 Starbus Skool CNG AC: The Tata LP 913 Starbus Skool CNG AC has 130 Horse Power and the Fuel Tank Capacity is 636 litre.


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